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 Welcome to a private Mercedes-Benz miniatures collection -> The Collection Mercedes-Benz :)


 News: constantly updating website, last update 08. 05. 2014


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Mercedes Benz Collection miniatures 2011 svm Kranj Slovenia


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WELCOME to Mercedes-Benz Collection, a private diecast / white metal / resin / plastic / wooden scale model car collection owned by Rok Britovsek and located in Ljubljana (Slovenia, E.U.). The collection currently holds more than 3500 Mercedes-Benz miniatures, from high end ($$$) miniature scale model cars to a few euro plastic Mercedes-Benz toys.


Beside Mercedes-Benz miniatures I also collect:


Smart, Maybach, UNIMOG, Mercedes-Benz buses & trucks !


There's no doubt about it: the Mercedes star burns brightest in the galaxy of car marques. The company has been making motoring history and outstanding contributions in the fields of engineering and design, sport and politics since 1886. That's longer than any of us could experience personally. Such longevity has given rise to more facts, events, and details than any individual could hope to remember. Mercedes-Benz Collection website contains information about Mercedes-Benz model cars and toys, it covers them in different scales, various types and manufacturers of these miniatures.


Use the navigation bar on the left side, where you can find the most basic categories which will help you move around the Mercedes-Benz Collection website.


Mercedes-Benz miniatures are divided by two main categories:

Scale (1/18, 1/24, other) and type (Radio Control, Toys, and further by Trucks, Buses, UNIMOG etc.)


Hopefully you'll find this navigation easy to use :)


Mercedes-Benz Collection website is up and running for all Mercedes-Benz collectors around the world as a reference site to check pictures of Mercedes-Benz diecast model cars in 1/18, 1/24 and other scales. You will also find many Mercedes-Benz Radio control cars from around the world, same goes for Mercedes Toys.


Please visit my spin-off project:

Mercedes-Benz Diecast, where you are welcome to join our global Mercedes-Benz scale model cars collectors community.


Mercedes-Benz Diecast brings you miniatures model news and reviews (editor and user ratings!), upcoming Mercedes-Benz 1:1 and miniature model cars in scales 1:18 and 1:24 (adding others too) and opinions from test drives of newest Mercedes-Benz passenger cars from A class to the mighty S class and every possible model in between.

NOTICE Mercedes-Benz miniatures collectors forum is CLOSED. For those who remember this forum know that it presented a great place where you found model cars of your interest or just asked other collectors if in need of any information about a specific Mercedes-Benz miniature. Mercedes miniature forum had almost 100.000 members before it was shut down.



Biggie Mercedes SLS AMG


One more thing:



If you are also an avid collector, please leave me a comment in my Guestbook or drop me an email (contact below), tnx :)


For questions, comments, suggestions, etc. feel free to contact me at:


So start snooping around and once more; welcome to the mini world of Mercedes-Benz !


Enjoy your stay.




Rok Britovsek



SVM show miniatures Mercedes collection 2011 Kranj Slovenia

Me and dad, at my Mercedes-Benz Collection diecast miniatures exibition at SVM event 2011,

Kranj, Slovenia, 28. 5. - 29. 5. 2011


I run and organize promotions for Mercedes-Benz Klub Slovenija with exibitions of Mercedes-Benz miniatures and 1:1 Mercedes-Benz oldtimers

in the biggest shoping centres all over Slovenia

Rok Britovsek Mercedes miniatures Collection promotion for Mercedes Benz Club Slovenija 2011


Check out a short movie from one of the exhibitions:


125! years of innovation : Exibition in Slovenian biggest shoping center - Citypark, September 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Exibition of scale model cars were held within 12. glass vitrines in two floores of the shoping center, accompanied with three 1:1 oldtimers that were changed once per week with another three 1:1 Mercedes-Benz oldtimers - Rok Britovsek for Mercedes-Benz Klub Slovenija


Promo show outside of Mercator hipermarket center on 18. 6. 2011

Mercedes exibition Mercator center Ljubljana Slovenia 18. 6. 2011 organised by Rok Britovsek


I am a founding member and president of Mercedes-Benz Club Slovenia (from 2011 - till today)


Mercedes-Benz Klub Slovenija


We gained nicknames "ambassadors of Mercedes-Benz brand".

This is result of our passionate attitude and affiliation for Mercedes-Benz products. Running an automotive club means running all sorts of activities; it all started in year 2009 when i organized the first ever Mercedes-Benz meeting that has became a monthly gathering throughout the years. Then followed club trips in Slovenia and abroad, making a yearly trip to Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart (Germany), making connections and colaborations with other Mercedes-Benz clubs from abroad, helping official importer at their events, presenting answers and infos to club members about all Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles/innovations/technology & safety gadgets, organizing presentations, photo shoots and test drives of the newest Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

We love what we do!



In years 2010 / 2011, I was also a member of now former Mercedes Classic Club Slovenia


My functions in Classic Club were:

President of Youngtimer and Newtimers section


Vice President of Mercedes Classic Club Slovenia


Mercedes Benz Club Slovenia monthly members meeting 2. 2. 2011


Mercedes-Benz Collection & Mercedes-Benz Diecast fanpage:



Check some of my other projects:


Mercedes-Benz Diecast


Maybach Diecast


Smart Diecast


Mercedes diecast model cars




Back in 2008 i started a community project that has evolved into Slovenian biggest Mercedes forum and info portal: I am responsible for webmastering, IT support, SEO strategy, editoring and further developing the ongoing project. This is done also with the help of my team members with whom i connected back in 2009.

Mercedes-Benz Slovenija - informational portal and Mercedes forum

SLS AMG rear view

Best or nothing !


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