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Aleksey E. Gorman, a Mercedes-Benz diecast model cars collector from USA



2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Just another clumsy old sedan, or something better?


SLS AMG SCALE MODEL CARThere is one part in my town where the roads are narrow and windy. I only drive cars there that I know can handle that kind of driving. My SLS is the one I unveiled in Boston and I love all on my Benz but last June I totaled my CL65 AMG on those same roads. When I drove my first lap (a set of public roads that I drive) I was cautious because I was rushed to the ER just nine months earlier. On the second lap I really got comfortably with the car and was flying and I lived! Okay, it good on fast narrow roads but that’s not good enough so I took it to a privet racetrack that my wealthy friend owns. Damn, it was quick but still that wasn’t good enough for me to love the car as much as my SLRs or my McLaren F1.
So I drove it for two weeks as my every-day car. I commute from Boston, MA to Plymouth Heights, MA most every day and there is a lot of traffic. That gives me plenty of time to play with the gadgets and gismos. Like I said, I own many Mercedes but not all are the same. I was pleased to see that this car actually had a proper glove box, unlike my seven SLR McLarens. My SLRs also don’t have navigation. The worst part about the SLRs is that the baby Mercedes, the $30,000 C-Class, has a better navi/raido system. Now I must get to the power.



Now we will have the numbers at the end but when my secretary or personal assistant drops the keys in my office and a summery I’ll look at the summery and key. When my secretary gave me the keys and summery I first saw it was a Mercedes-Benz and I read the summery and I don’t know why I even read them because I ignore most of it before I drive the car. The car isnow one of my favorite cars I own. It’s not my favorite because it cost the most (it doesn’t) or that it has two seats. No, it’s that this car goes back to its big brother. Some people say the reason Mercedes and AMG made this car was because they had no new ideas like in Hollywood today. This car cost less than the SLR McLaren and its so much more. The SLR is a McLaren and the SLS is and AMG (the SLR’s engine is made by AMG). All McLaren did was build the car and they put there badges on the car and they charged people $450,000 for the base price. I hope people don’t buy cars for their badges. Now, don’t get my wrong I love the SLR, I love them so much I bought 7 of them. I’ll buy ten of the SLS because they really represent a true super car. So in review this car is great value. With a MSRP of $180,000 its not cheap but it is a better deal than the SLR. I’m not trying to say that the SLR is a bad car but that had a MSRP of $450,000 unless you are a billionaire it just doesn’t add up. Oh, I almost forgot, with the SLR you get a special key. With the SLS you just get the new Mercedes key. So, you make the call on what your next car is.



2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
no. of cylinders V8
Displacement (cc) 6208
Rated output 420/6800
Rated torque 650/4750
Acceleration 0-60 3.8 sec.
Top speed kph/mph 317/196











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