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Emil Šterbenk, a Mercedes-Benz diecast model cars and 1:1 Mercedes-Benz collector from Slovenia



170 cabrio mercedes benz signature diecast model car 1:18 scale


190 ponton mercedes benz revell diecast model car scale 1:18


190 SL mercedes benz ertl diecast model car scale 1:18


220 coupe mercedes benz signature diecast model car scale 1:18


220 D mercedes benz sun star diecast model car scale 1:18


280 C coupe mercedes benz norev diecast model car scale 1:18


300 Adenauer mercedes benz ricko diecast model car scale 1:18


500 K mercedes benz kompressor 1936 blue diecast model car scale 1:18


500 SEL mercedes benz limousine revell diecast model car scale 1:18


mb 1513 mercedes benz platform truck green siku diecast model toy car scale 1:50



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